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Working with Measurements and Labels

The software allows you to measure, label, and dimension objects. By using the measuring tools, you can indicate the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal dimensions of a design, or you can label objects.

The lines and labels can be output to a printer or a cutter. (See RIP and Print Dialog Box - Advanced Tab or Cut/Plot Dialog Box - Advanced Tab for more information.)

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Using DesignCentral

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Using Fill/Stroke Editor

Working with Shapes

Working with Text

Working with Paths

Working with Bitmaps

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Configuring the System for Color Printing

Printing to a Desktop Printer

Connecting to Production Manager or FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO

Printing your Design

Appendix - ASCII CODE

Appendix - Supported File Formats

Appendix - Features List

Appendix - CASmate Tracing Features Using Bezier Tracing

Appendix - Keyboard Shortcuts

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Measuring Distances