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Editing a Tool

From the dropdown list in the upper-left corner of the Tool Library dialog box:

  1. Select All Tools, Standard, or Metric to display a selection of engraving tools.
  2. Click the tool you want to edit.
  3. Adjust the following parameters:

    Tool name

    Displays the name of the selected tool.

    Changes the color that represents the selected tool.

    Tool type

    Displays the type of tool selected. Options are Engraver, Beveler, Braille, End Mill, Diamond, Profiler, Burnisher, Bullnose, and Conical Bullnose.

    Tool units

    Sets the units of tool-diameter measurement to inches or millimeters.


    Specifies the number of passes the tool will make along a path.

    This value sets the number of times the tool will follow a path before moving on to the next path. It differs from Stepdown, which specifies how deeply the tool will engrave on each pass.

    Tool Geometry

    This group box describes the measurements of your tool. The diagram in the upper-right corner points to the areas measured in Tool Geometry. The lower diagram changes dynamically as you enter values in the Tip diameter and Shaft diameter fields.


    Tip diameter

    Adjusts and displays the width of the tool tip.


    Shaft diameter

    Adjusts and displays the width of the tool shaft.



    Sets the angle of the tool's point.

  4. Click OK.

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