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ICC Generation

  1. Adjust the following parameters:

    If you used a 3rd party profile, these options will not be editable.

    Black generation

    In theory, cyan, magenta and yellow mixed together should produce black. In practice, mixing CMY together produces a muddy dark gray. In addition, CMY black tends to over-saturate the print medium, because it requires coverage from all three inks.

    The solution is to use the CMYK color model, which adds a true black that replaces CMY. The CMYK model reduces over-saturation, produces better blacks, and requires less ink.

    The GCR settings determine when and to what extent CMY will be replaced by black (K). The higher the GCR is set, the more CMY black is replaced with K black.

    The available settings are:



    CMY black will be replaced with true black. Most settings do 100% replacement of CMY with black at high coverage levels, but progressively less at lower levels of coverage. The GCR Max Smooth setting replaces CMY with black whenever possible.

    Pictures generated with higher GCR will tend to show more contrast and detail, but slightly less color.






    GCR Max


    UCR Smooth


    GCR Max Smooth

    Black Start

    This determines at which percentage of gray the black (K) channel begins to replace CMY.

    Black Width

    A low Black Width value only generates black in the neutral areas. High values also generate black in the colorful shadows.

    Total Ink

    This is a sum of the ink limit values for C, M, Y and K. Each color can have an ink limit of up to 100%; the total ink limit is a maximum of 300%. Increasing total ink limit may improve contrast of the print.

    Profile Size

    Size of the LUTs (Lookup Tables) in the profile. The size has an impact on the precision of the profile and its calculation time. It has no impact on the processing time using the profile.

    ICC Version

    The current standard is ICC 2.1, however, the new ICC 4 utilizes a new specification as defined by the International Color Consortium. See for more details on the ICC 4 definition.

    UV Brightener Compensation

    When viewing a proof in a light box, check this option to compensate for the appearance of a proof that is printed on paper with strong brighteners.

    Use this option when the proofing paper has more brighteners than the production paper.

    Typically, the default values provide good results.

  2. Click Generate.

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