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Profile Setup

Enter the general properties of the ICC Profile and click Next.


The device for which you are creating an ICC Profile.


The media list provided by the device driver. If the driver has no media list, others will be selected.

Print mode

The device's print mode.


The device's resolution.

Color mode

The color modes that will be profiled (CMYK, CMYKLcLm, RGB, etc.)


The pattern in which the individual dots that make an image are applied to the media.



Opens options for Angled Screen.


Mirror job (for backlit material)

Check this if the material will be backlit by a light box when scanned.

Driver Options

The settings related to the selected output device.

The options displayed may vary depending on your output device.

Media display name

The name of the media that will be displayed in Job Properties. This can be used to add custom media names to the media list. See Color Management Tab for more information.


Click to import a media name from an existing ICC Profile.

File name

The name of the resulting ICC profile when clicking Save or Generate.

To create a duplicate of an ICC profile, change the name before making other changes and re-generate. This allows you to make a new profile based on an existing one.

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