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Generating ICC Profiles Using Third Party Color Profiling

It is possible to generate an ICC profile using both Color Profiler and a third party color profiling application such as MonacoProfiler or Gretag Macbeth ProfilerMaker. Color Profiler is used to determine the ink limits, linearization data and multi-ink limits, and to output the target for the fourth step, the creation of the ICC profile. The third party software is then used to measure the target and generate the ICC profile.

The general workflow is as follows:

  1. In Color Profiler, do the following:
    1. Determine ink limits.
    2. Linearize the output.
    3. Close Color Profiler.
  2. In the third party application, generate the color profiler target as a TIFF file.
  3. In your application:
    1. In the Default Job Properties for the output device setup:
      1. From the Color Management tab in the Color Correction group box, choose Use linearization only from the list.
      2. Make sure the ICC to which you are applying this target is selected as the Output profile.
    2. Add the TIFF file of the color profiler target as a job.
    3. Send the target.
  4. Measure the target in the third party application, and generate the ICC profile.
  5. On the Characterization tab, click the 3rd Party ICC button and browse for the ICC file you just created in the other application.

    A preview will not be available.

  6. Click Next.

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