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The following is a description of the Classic Menu options.


Displays the File commands.


Add Job

Opens the Add Job dialog. See Adding New Jobs for more information.


Move Job

Opens the Move Job dialog. See Moving Jobs to a Different Output Device for more information.


Acquire Image

Acquire an image from a currently installed TWAIN device.



TWAIN Select

Allows you to choose a currently-connected TWAIN device to scan or import an image. If you only have one TWAIN device connected, it is automatically selected.



TWAIN Acquire

Scans or imports an image from the currently-selected TWAIN device.


Job Properties

Opens the Job Properties dialog for the selected job. See Setting Job Properties for more information.



Opens the Variations dialog for the selected job. See Working with Variations for more information.


Edit With

Opens the selected job with a chosen program. See Editing Jobs with an External Application for more information.


Nest Jobs

Nests the selected jobs. See Nesting Jobs for more information.


Unnest Jobs

Un-nests the selected jobs. See Un-Nesting Jobs for more information.


Break Apart

Separates a multi-sectioned job into individual parts, and then nests the parts. See Breaking Apart Multi-Sectioned Jobs into Nested Jobs for more information.


Export Preset

Exports the current settings to a preset file. See Exporting Presets for more information.


Import Preset

Imports settings previously saved to a preset file. See Importing Presets for more information.


Save As

Saves the selected job either as a native or an original format.



RIPs the selected job. See RIPing Jobs for more information.



Outputs the selected job to a printer, hybrid device or virtual hybrid device.


Job Estimation

Opens the Job Estimation dialog. See Job Estimation for more information.


Print Wizard

Opens the Print Wizard dialog. See Printing from Print Wizard for more information.



Aborts the processing of a job.



Exits the software. See Exiting the Software for more information.


Displays the Edit commands.


Select All

Selects all jobs.



Deletes the selected jobs.



Opens the software Preferences dialog. See Setting Application Preferences for PhotoPRINT Server or Setting Application Preferences for PhotoPRINT SE for more information.


Displays the Setup commands.


Add Setup

Opens the Add Setup dialog. See Changing/Adding New Setups for more information.


Setup Properties

Opens the Setup Properties dialog. See Editing Setup Properties for more information.


Change Device Port

Opens the Change Port dialog. See Changing Port Settings for more information.


Default Job Properties

Opens the Default Job Properties dialog. See Setting Default Job Properties for more information.



Deletes the selected setup.


Make Active

Makes the selected setup active. See Activating Setups for more information.


Color Profiler

Opens the Color Profiler dialog. See Color Profiler for more information.


Output Validation

Opens the Output Validation dialog. See Working with Output Validation for more information.


Global Color Mapping

Opens the Global Color Mapping dialog. See Using Global Color Mapping for more information.


Output Size Compensation

Opens the Output Size Compensation dialog. See Using Output Size Compensation for more information.


Test Print

Outputs a test print using the selected device.


Test Cut

Outputs a test cut using the selected device.


Test Engrave

Outputs a test engraving using the selected device.


Displays the View commands.


Show / Hide Info Window

Shows or hides the job Information Pane. See Information Pane for more information.


View Job Log

Opens the Job Log in the default browser. See Using the Job Log for more information.


Clear Job Log

Clears the Job Log. See Clearing the Job Log for more information.



Refreshes the queues. See Refreshing the Window for more information.


Displays the Help commands.


PhotoPRINT Help

Opens the HTML help for the current software. See Getting Help for more information.



Mouse over the submenu to see registration options.

These options are only available if you have Softkey installed.



Edit Registration

Opens the Registration screen with currently entered information. See Registering the Software for more information.



Transfer License

Deactivates your current copy of the software so that you can activate the copy on another computer. See Transferring a Software License Using Softkey for more information.


Check for Updates

Checks for updates to the software.


Register Online

Opens the online registration page in the default browser.



Displays details about the software, including version, build, user and registration number.

Show Classic Menus

Shows or hides Classic Menus, which are the drop-down menus at the top of the window. See Classic Menus for more information.

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