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Setting Application Preferences

To set application preferences, from the Edit menu, select Preferences.

Adjust the following parameters:


The units of measurement displayed.


The degree of precision to use with measurements.


Adjust RIP settings.


RIP Band Height

Sets the band size that processes during RIPing. Small values allow large files to RIP but will take longer to process.


Preview resolution

Sets the resolution of the Preview Pane in the Job Properties dialog to Low, Medium or High.


Maximum number of RIP threads

Sets the number of jobs that can be RIPed at one time. One RIP thread is required for each file being RIPed, and one RIP thread is required to generate a preview for each file.


RIP thread priority

Sets the priority of the RIP thread in the Job Properties dialog to High, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal or Low.


Print while RIPing

Allows RIPing and printing the job simultaneously. RIPing and printing simultaneously may affect overall performance.


Compress RIP result

Reduces the size of the RIPed job file using file compression.

Allow remote Send Now/ Interactive

Allows Send Now and Interactive from a remote design station.

Automatically check for updates

Allows the software to check for updates each time Softkey connects to the Internet to recheck for a valid activation. See Auto Update Alert for more information.

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