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A toolbar is located at the top of the main window. It contains tools for the most commonly used functions. Many buttons in the toolbar function as buttons and as menus, depending on where you hover your mouse.

Button function

Menu button

The toolbar functions are:


Launches the Print Wizard dialog. See Printing from Print Wizard for more information.


Click the Job button to add a job.

Click the Job menu button to view the context menu.



Click the RIP button to RIP the selected job.

Click the RIP menu button to view the context menu.



Outputs the selected job to the specified output device, RIPing it if necessary.


Estimates the amount and cost of ink used in a job. Helps calculate the true cost of any print job. Can also prevent running out of ink in the middle of a job.


Nests the selected jobs together to use the minimum amount of the output media.



Unnests the selected set of nested jobs.



Stops selected file from RIPing or printing.


Deletes the selected job or jobs.


Click the Help button to open the HTML help file.

Click the Help menu button to view the context menu.

See Basic Elements of your Software for a diagram of the main window.

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