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Working with Output Validation

When printing large batches, Output Validation acts as a periodic checkpoint to ensure that the swatch colors have remained within a set deltaE tolerance.

Output Validation is only available for the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet Z2100, Z3100 and Z6100, which have a built in spectrophotometer and are connected via USB.

  1. Click the setup menu button and from the context menu, select Output Validation.

  2. Adjust the following parameters:


    Select the type of media loaded in the output device. Only media types available for the device are displayed.

    Validation initialized

    Displays the most recent date a type of media was validated.

    Print and Scan

    Click this button to print and scan the swatches to obtain the LAB values. This information is the basis for which validations are compared.

    The data is stored as an .ovf file in the device's folder within the program folder.

    Enable validation

    Check to enable validations. Validations are periodic checkpoints to ensure that the LAB values have remained within the specified deltaE tolerance.


    Validate every

    Set the interval at which the swatches are printed and scanned to determine their LAB values.


    On error

    Define the actions of the software and printer in the event a validation error should occur.

    A validation error occurs when the LAB values from the original swatches and the validation swatches differ more than the specified deltaE tolerance.



    Stop and show alert

    Upon failure, the job stops printing and a dialog with an error message appears.



    Stop and leave in queue

    Upon failure, the job stops printing and the status in the queue is set to Output validation failed.

    An entry is also added to the job log.



    Log entry only

    Upon failure, the job continues printing and an entry is added to the job log.


    Maxiumum deltaE

    Sets the maximum deltaE tolerance.

    The deltaE tolerance is the maximum acceptable difference in color between the initial validation and the current colors.

  3. Click OK.

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