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Cut Tab

The Cut tab is only visible for jobs being output on a hybrid device or cutter. It allows you to specify settings related to cutting.


Sets the resolution of your cutting device. The default value is already set for optimal results. You should not change this value unless you are experiencing problems with your output, such as the output size not matching the design size.


Specifies how many times the blade will move over each line.

Advance after plot

Advances the media after output and reset the origin.

Send arc commands

Activates the device's internal curve handling.

Knife offset

Check to enter custom values for knife offset.

You should only change this value if you are using a pen plotter as a cutting device.

Packet size

Check to specify the packet size sent to the device.

This setting applies to a limited number of cutters and you should not change it unless your cutter requires it.

Curve quality

Determines the precision of the curves by setting the maximum space allowed between the curve and the line. Higher quality requires more lines, resulting in increased plot file size and cutting time.

Higher quality

The default is set for optimal results.


Lower quality

Cutter Options

Displays the Cutter Driver Options dialog. See Setting Cutter Driver Options for more information.


Restores the default settings.

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