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Setting Cutter Driver Options

The Cutter Driver Options allow you to control the parameters of operation of your output device such as cut speed and pressure, or execute common tasks (roll forward, roll backward, go to origin) from your computer.

To access the Cutter Driver Options, click Cutter Options in the Cut tab of the Job Properties dialog.

Make sure nobody is around the output device when sending the macros, since the cutter may move and injure the operator.

Before Job Tab

After Job Tab

Macro Tab

The settings available in the Cutter Driver Options vary according to your output device.

Each command has a checkbox to enable or disable it. When enabled, you can change the value, and the command is sent to the output device, overriding the settings in the output device. When the option is unchecked, the settings from the output device are used.


Saves the changes you made as a new command.


Deletes the selected command from the list (you can only delete commands added using the save command).


Reverts all settings to its default settings (any custom commands added by the user are deleted).

Before Job

Defines commands that are sent before the job is processed.

Cut Fast / Medium / Slow / None

Defines a series of settings for fast, medium and slow cutting speeds. To use all settings from the output device, select None.

Pressure / Force

Defines the pressure of the knife.


Defines the traveling speed of the head.


Defines the tool when several tools are available or switch between cut and plot.

After Job

Defines commands that are sent after the job is processed.

Cut Media / Auto Cut

Specifies if the media is cut after cutting or plotting.


Allows you to execute common tasks that you are usually required to do from the cutter's control panel.


Initializes the output device.

Roll Forward /Backward

Advances or rolls back the media.

Go to origin

Moves the head to the origin.

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