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Step and Repeat Tab

The Textile Tool option was developed to speed the RIPing and printing of patterns on textile surfaces. The tool is available as a new RIP and Print option and is located on the Step and Repeat tab in Job Properties. With the Textile Tool, once the original image is RIPed, copies of it are reproduced and offset as many times and with whatever amount of pattern shift you specify.


The Textile Tool is not suited for contour cutting as each pattern requires its own unique entry point for the cutting tool.

Step and repeat


When checked, copies of the original job image are replicated on the media.

Repeat size


Allows you to specify how much of the media will be covered by copies of the replicated job image.


Use media size

Fills the whole surface of the media with copies of the job image (default).



When selected, lets you specify in the Width and Height fields how much of the media will be covered.



Allows rows and columns of the replicated image to be offset on the media by a specified Horizontal or Vertical amount.


By ratio

Lets you enter or select how much of a pattern shift you want to produce. You can enter a decimal value (.001 to .999) in the first field, or you can select from one of three fractional options (1/2/ 1/3, 2/3) in the second.


By size

Lets you specify the measured amount of pattern shift you want to produce.



When selected, this option flips paired copies of the job image along the Horizontal axis, Vertical axis, or both.

Show grid


Places a grid of non-printing, dark blue lines around each of the replicated job-image copies. This feature is useful for refining Repeat size and Drop dimensions when used with the Zoom button.



Restores all the checkboxes and fields to their original default values.

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