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Changing Text Attributes Using Control Points

Most of the properties set in DesignCentral can also be set directly by clicking and dragging Control Points on the text.

When you select a text object and click the Character or Paragraph tab of DesignCentral, the text displays a number of Control Points in and around it. Each of these points has a special purpose and will change the appearance of the text when moved.

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make incremental adjustments.

The following Control Points can be dragged in while in Select Mode:

( 1 ) Line Spacing

Click this point to select a single line of text.

Once a line is selected, you can change its attributes.

For block text:

( 2 ) Move Character

Click this point to select an individual character.

Once a character is selected, you can change its attributes.

( 3 ) Rotate Character

Click this point in the upper-right corner of each character to select it.

( 4 ) Tracking

( 5 ) Line Spacing

( 6 ) Block Size

( 7 ) Center

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