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DesignCentral - Arc tab

The Arc Text Tool has all the options of the other path text tools plus the following:

Arc Tab

Defines the radius of the circle on which the arc text will be placed.

Sets the starting angle (position) of the text on the arc. This is directly related to the Alignment position.

For example, if you want the center of the text to be placed at the top of the circle, select Align Center and enter a value of 90 degrees in this field.

Positions the first line of the text on the arc. The options are above, on, and below.

Specifies the starting position of the first line of arc text.

Top and bottom are determined by the value of the Starting Angle. If you created your circle by dragging, the top is the point where you began drawing the circle.

Specifies the starting position of the second line of arc text.

After typing the first line of text, press ENTER and subsequent text will be placed in the next line (Multiple Lines Style) or on the opposite side of the circle (Top/Bottom Style).

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