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Preferences - General Tab

In this dialog box, you can set the general attributes of your software:

Maximum undo/redo

Determines the number of operations stored in the undo/redo list. Smaller values in this field use less memory.

Selection tolerance

Determines how close the cursor must be to an object to be able to select it. Setting a larger value makes it easier to select points.

Constrain angle

Sets the Constrain Angle when you rotate objects with Shift pressed. The rotation will be performed in the increment defined by this field.

Save documents every

Open documents will be periodically saved. You can specify the time interval between saves.

Trash capacity

Number of objects that can be saved in the trash layer.


Number of decimal places in numeric fields.

Drag and Drop Images

Select whether the images you drag and drop will be embedded or linked.

Display color popup window as

Selects whether the popup window that appears when you select a color from the Fill/Stroke dialog box is a list of color swatches along with their names or a palette of color swatches.


List view

Palette view

Save settings on exit

When checked, the current settings for the software will be saved when the software exits and restored the next time the software starts up. If cleared, the settings are not saved, and at startup the software will load the settings that were in place the last time the software was shut down with this option selected. (Selected by default)

Smooth screen display

By default, all objects in the design area are displayed using anti-aliasing to eliminate jagged edges on curves and provide a more attractive and accurate view of the design.


Smoothing off

Smoothing On


Users with less powerful computers and graphics cards may wish to turn smoothing off to increase performance.

Automatically check for updates

Allows the software to check for updates each time Softkey connects to the Internet to recheck for a valid activation. (See [??] for more information.)

This option is only available if you have Softkey installed.

Restore Defaults

Click this button to restore the default settings for the above fields.

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