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Re-linearizing Using an Existing ICC Profile

Linearization Table doesn't contain any color correction, but contains enough data to create smooth gradients and prevent your inks from bleeding.

Linearization is a process by which output values are corrected to match input values. For instance, a file contains a color that is 10% cyan, but when printed appears much darker than expected, closer to 25% cyan. Performing linearization will determine the correct output values so that when printed, 10% cyan more closely matches the 10% cyan in the file being printed.

These are the main steps to Re-linearizing:

  1. Profile setup - Determine general properties of the ICC Profile.
  2. Linearization - Determine what the output levels of each color need to be in order to produce linear ink coverage at levels ranging from 0 to 100% coverage.
  3. Gray balance - Determines the output levels of each color needed in order to produce a neutral gray for color and grayscale images.

See the following topics for directions:

Profile Setup


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