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Introduction to Color Profiler

You can complete several actions from the Color Profiler home screen. Using the Color Profiler, you can generate ICC profiles and linearization tables for the output devices you use. You can use these files to adjust the output to produce more accurate print jobs.

ICC profiles provide a cross-platform standard for measuring the color output of printers. Within each ICC Profile, the color output capabilities of a specific printer on a specific medium using a specific color mode are measured using a device-independent color space. Once an ICC profile has been generated, you can adjust the output of an image within the color space mapped out in the ICC profile. This allows the output device to produce a more accurate representation of the image.

Linearization is a process by which output values are corrected to match input values. For instance, a file contains a color that is 10% cyan, but when printed appears much darker than expected, closer to 25% cyan. Performing linearization will determine the correct output values so that when printed, 10% cyan more closely matches the 10% cyan in the file being printed.

Gamma measures the amount of contrast found in an image. When measuring density values for linearization, you can set the gamma value to match the rest of your workflow.

Create ICC Output Profile

Click to create a complete ICC Profile for an output device.

Modify or Resume an ICC Profile

Click to modify an existing ICC Profile or to resume an unfinished profile you previously started.

Create Linearization Table Only

Click to create a linearization table only for an output device.

Re-linearize using an Existing ICC Profile

Click to recalibrate your printer and update the Linearization for the printer's ICC profile.

Convert Legacy Preset

Convert a PhotoPRINT 5 preset to the new format. See Converting Legacy Presets for more information.

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