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Spot Color Printing

To specify a spot color to use to output a design element:

  1. From the View menu, select Color then Color Specs.
    1. Select the Library tab.
    2. Select a Vendor and Type that match the output device and inks/foils in use.
    3. Using the list over the left-hand column, select the swatch table you want to add the spot color swatches to.
    4. Select the spot colors on the right and click Add to add them to the swatch table.

      Make sure the swatches you are adding are spot colors and not process colors. Spot colors are marked with a dot in the upper right corner.

    5. Click OK.
  2. To assign the spot colors to an object, select the object and click the spot color swatch in the swatch table.
  3. To assign a tint percentage to an object:
    1. From the View menu, select Color Mixer.
    2. Select the tint percentage. Use 100% to print the spot color with full coverage.
  4. To output the job:
    1. If you are outputting the job using the Print dialog, send the job to print as you normally would. The server software interprets the special color names and can print them as spot colors.
    2. If you are outputting the job using the RIP and Print dialog:
      1. On the Advanced tab, check Print spot colors.
      2. Click Spot Color Mapping to select the spot colors used to output your design.
      3. Send the job as you normally would.

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