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Setting the Preview Pane View

Select one of the three available views from the list at the top of the preview pane:

Page preview

Displays each page of the job scaled to fill the preview area.

If there is more than one page in the job, a list of the page numbers will appear above the preview, allowing you to select the page to display.

If you are using PhotoPRINT SE, only the first page is displayed in Page Preview.

Selected automatically when the Workflow, Color Management, Printer Options, Cut or Color Adjustment tab is selected.

Layout preview

Displays the job as it will appear on the output media. The preview is scaled so that the output media fills the preview area.

Selected automatically when the Layout, Labels or Separations tab is selected.

Tiling Preview

Displays the job broken up into tiles to show how it will look when output.

Selected automatically when the Tiling tab is selected.

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