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Setting Basic Job Properties

Basic Job Properties displays settings that are essential to processing your job.

Paper type

Select the type of media in the printer.

Only media that have available presets are displayed.

Final print

Choose the quality that reflects how you would like to use your final print.

ICC Profile

Select an ICC Profile.

Only ICC profiles that are available for the selected paper type are displayed.

The number of copies to be output.

The amount of space between the various tiles, copies and/or nested jobs that are output as part of the job.

Job size

Editing these options allows you change the output size and orientation of the page.


The job's width and height.


The job's width and height as a percentage of the original.


Fit to media

Scales the job proportionally so that it is as large as possible while still fitting within the printable area of the output media.



Increases or decreases width and height together to keep the original proportions intact.

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