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Using Centerline Vectorization

This vectorization method is used for black and white or grayscale images, which contain mostly lines rather than filled shapes. It detects the center of the lines and creates a single line vector graphic. Centerline vectorization is typically used in routing and engraving where you may want a single line path for the machine.

  1. Select the bitmap.
  2. From the Bitmap menu, point to Vectorize and select Centerline.
  3. Adjust the tracing parameters.

    Pure Centerline

    The program will find the center of each line and create a single line contour.

    Outline Thick Areas

    The program will centerline contours that are smaller than the Line Width value and outline areas that are larger than this value.

    Shortest segment length

    This option is the minimum distance between junctions. The larger the parameter value is, the more perfect the junctions will be. However, if you are working with an image that may have a lot of close lines, you will want to keep the value small.

    Shortest centerline section

    This option only applies when using Outline Thick Areas. It controls the centerline leftovers at the ends of the outlines.

    Joining Paths

    When creating a centerline you can select how you want the contours created. The results of the centerline will look the same no matter which option is selected.



    This option will create open contours that are made up of small segments.



    This option will create as many closed contours as possible. These contours can be filled later if necessary.


    Long Paths

    This option will generate the longest possible contours. This is the most popular option because it minimizes the amount of up/down movements that a router or engraver will have to make.


    This option will let your software determine what should be centerlined and what should be outlined. The Outline Thick Areas option defaults to the Automatic setting,


    When this option is selected, the Line Width value can be entered.

    Line Width

    This field tells the program to centerline anything smaller than this value and to outline anything larger.


    When using Outline Thick Areas you can tell the program what vectorization method to use on the outlines. (See Tracing Bitmaps for more information on Bezier, Corners or Curves tracings.)


    This button is only available when Corners is selected in Enhancement field. (See Using Enhanced Corners Tracing about the tracing properties of Corner Enhancement tracing.)


    Resets the tracing parameters to their default value.

  4. Click OK.

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