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Using Enhanced Corners Tracing

This vectorization option is great for larger, camera-ready artwork. It will produce fewer points and sharper corners than the Enhanced Curves option.

  1. Select the bitmap.
  2. From the Bitmap menu, point to Vectorize and select Enhanced Corners.
  3. Adjust the following parameters. You can adjust by dragging the sliders or entering a numeric value:


    Controls how closely the traced path stays to the original scanned image. Smaller values will provide an accurate result that is very close to the scanned image, but larger values will create smoother lines and fewer control points.

    Noise Suppression

    Used to filter out some of the small garbage that is created during the scanning process. If the image contains a lot of "garbage," try using the Reduce Noise bitmap filter prior to vectorizing.

    Corner Detection

    Sets the threshold for detecting what is and what isn't a corner, and how sharply the corners will be defined.


    Resets the tracing parameters to their default value.

  4. Click OK.

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