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Setting Driver Options

The Driver Options dialog box displays settings related to the selected output device.

The options displayed may vary depending on your output device.

Enable driver options

Allows you to use the available driver options for your output device. When driver options are enabled, you can set special options from within the driver options dialog box. When driver options are disabled, the printer's own settings will be used.


Number of times you would like the printer to print over the same area. This setting increases the number of ink layers placed on the media.

Page Spacing

The amount of space between each separate job.

Dry Time

This is the amount of time the printer waits after it has completed printing, allowing the ink to dry.

Print Direction

Direction the print heads move when printing. In Bi-directional mode the print cartridges print from left to right, then from right to left. In unidirectional mode, the cartridges print from right to left only. Bi-directional mode prints faster, but unidirectional mode usually produces a better quality print.

Media feed calibration

If checked, the printer will use the value provided to compensate for variations in feed rates during the output process. This provides more accurate output.

Cut sheet after printing

Cuts the media after the print is complete. If a drying time has been set, the media will be cut after the dry time is finished.

Advance after print

If checked, the media will feed past the heads and remain there at the end of the job.

Restore Defaults

Click to return all settings on the tab to their default values.

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