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Applying Hole Fill

Hole fill is used to create drill holes or cut circles at specified points on a path.

DesignCentral - Hole tab

Hole Fill, Center of Path

Hole Fill, Path Points

Hole Fill, Along Path

Hole Fill, Fill Path

  1. Select the desired objects.
  2. From the Effects menu, point to Engraving and select Hole Fill.

    The Hole Fill tab appears in DesignCentral.

  3. In DesignCentral, adjust the following parameters:

    Selects a tool from the Tool Library.

    Select Edit from the bottom of the dropdown list to create a new tool or edit an existing one. (See Tool Library for more information.)

    Center of path

    Places a drill hole in the center of the object. This is typically used for converting Braille dots to drill points.

    Path points

    Places drill holes at existing points on the path.

    Along path

    Places drill holes at a specified distance along the existing path.

    Fill paths

    Fills objects with a matrix of drill holes at a specified distance. Options are Grid fill, Stagger fill, Island fill, Grid fill no border, and Stagger fill no border.


    Hole Distance. Specifies the distance between drill holes or cut circles.

    Row Distance. Specifies the distance between rows of drill holes or cut circles.


    Center of Path

    Path Points


    Along Path

    Fill path


    Creates a drill hole.


    Creates a cut circle.

  4. Click Apply.

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