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Applying Hatch Fill

Hatch Fill uses a zigzag pattern to engrave a surface. This fill is the quickest method to fill an object and is typically used to engrave large areas.

DesignCentral - Hatch tab

Hatch Fill, Online

Hatch Fill, Inset

Hatch Fill, Offset

  1. Select the desired objects.
  2. From the Effects menu, point to Engraving and select Hatch Fill.

    The Hatch Fill tab appears in DesignCentral.

  3. In DesignCentral, adjust the following parameters:

    Selects a tool from the Tool Library.

    Select Edit from the bottom of the dropdown list to create a new tool or edit an existing one. (See Tool Library for more information.)

    Online. Creates a tool path that directly follows the existing path.

    Inset. Creates a tool path that is set inside the existing path.

    Offset. Creates a tool path that is set outside the existing path.

    Specifies the distance between the existing path and the tool path (only available for Inset and Offset path styles).

    Specifies the amount of overlap between one tool path and its immediate neighbor.

    Sets the angle of the hatch pattern.

    Depth Nose

    When selected, prevents the tool from lifting while engraving. Such lifting could cause a spring-loaded depth nose to engrave too deeply.

    Sharp corners. Causes the tool path to follow the object's corner.


    Sharp Corners


    1. Tool Path

    2. Object

    3. Tool Diameter

    4. Engraving Tool

    Round corners. Causes the tool path to curve around the object's corner.


    Round Corners

    Clipped corners. Causes the tool path to bevel around the object's corner.


    Clipped Corners

    Round All

    For all path styles, rounds off all of the object's corners so that objects can be inlaid. For Inset and Offset, all corners will be rounded. For Online, only the inside corners will be rounded.

  4. Click Apply.

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