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Removing a License File without Internet Connection

If you want to install your software on a different computer, you will need to remove the license file from your computer.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you can remove the license using the License Manager. Your Software ID and license Removal Code are displayed in the License dialog box. Record those two pieces of information (a simple screen capture works well for this) so you can supply them when you log in to your SAi account on another computer with a working Internet connection.

To notify the SAi Cloud server of your recent license file removal, on a computer with Internet access:

  1. Open in your default browser.
  2. Log in to your SAi account.
  3. Click on the software whose license you just removed.

    The Current Install page appears on the screen because the Cloud server is not yet aware of the change that you made.

  4. In the Current Install section, click the License Removed? link.
  5. Enter the removal code in the Removal Code field.

    Note: The code is case sensitive; be sure to enter it the way it appeared in the License window.

    If you were unable to record the removal code, it is still possible to remove the software from the Cloud server:

    1. At the bottom of the Software Removed? section, click the No Removal Code? link.
    2. Click Remove to disassociate your computer from your SAi product software.

      Note: This option is restricted as to when and how often it can be used.

  6. Press Enter or click Submit.

    The Getting Started screen appears, and the most recent entry in the History column shows "Software Removed."

The Cloud server updates your account information to show that the software has been removed from your computer.

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