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Importing a License File

If for some reason you are unable to download the license file onto the computer requiring it, you can obtain the file from the SAi Cloud using another computer and transfer the file to the required computer by a flash drive or other removable storage device.

To import a license file:

  1. Download a copy of the license file onto a computer with an Internet connection.

    (See Downloading a License File without an Internet Connection for detailed instructions on how to do this.)

  2. Copy the license file to a convenient location on the computer requiring it.
  3. Click Import A License File.

    The Open dialog box appears in the computer's default Downloads directory.

  4. In the Open dialog box, navigate to where the license file (.lsn) is located.
  5. Select the license file and click Open (or double-click the file).

    The license file is imported and associated with your SAi software.

    The message "License successfully imported" appears in the License dialog box.

    Note: If you select an incorrect license file, the message "The new license is not compatible with the existing license. License was not imported." will appear in the dialog box.

  6. Click Next to return to the contents of the original License dialog.

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