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SAi Cloud Window

The Cloud Window, included within SAi software products, is a convenient window full of web-based tools (FlexiQuote, Cloud storage, Messaging), convenient links (media profiles, software support, social media) and more. By default, the Cloud Window opens in a panel on the right side of your SAi application, but you can show or hide the panel by clicking the Show or Hide Cloud Page icon Show-HideCloudPageButton near the right end of the Standard toolbar.

To use a tool in the SAi Cloud Window, simply click on it. Some Cloud tools open right in the Cloud Window; others open in your default web browser. To close tools that open in the Cloud Window, click the Home icon. HomeIconCloud For tools that open in a browser window, log out and close the browser.

The following is a list of the current Cloud Window tools and a brief description of each. More detailed information can be found in the topics that follow.



This option gives you at-a-glance information about all the files you have archived on the SAi Cloud.



This option opens an online system for pricing sign jobs and reviewing price quotes that you have already given.


Printer Profiles

This option allows you to download ICC profiles, which help your printer achieve optimal color. For information on installing printer profiles, see Installing Downloaded ICC Profiles.



This option keeps a running total of the number of jobs your company has worked on during the past week and month, and reports the total square footage produced during each period.


Wrap Templates

This option takes you directly to the Bad Wrap templates page in the SAi Store. (Available in North America.)


Design Templates

This option opens the Design Templates portion of the Creative Corner in the SAi Store. (Available in North America.)


Logo Collection

This option takes you directly to the corporate logo collection available through the SAi Store. (Available in North America.)


Clipart Collection

This option takes you directly to the Fonts and Clipart section in the SAi Store.



This option opens the SAi Software Support web page. Select your region, language and product to view videos, FAQs, an e-support form, and more.



This option displays all job-related communications between SAi software users and their customers.


Job Approval

This option lets you send a copy of your customers' jobs to them for review, correction, and approval. (Available to Guild members. See for more information.)


The Guild

This option opens the home page of The International Sign and Printmakers Guild. The Guild is a free, member-led organization dedicated to the business growth and development of its members—sign and print providers.



This icon displays useful information about the SAi product you are currently using.



This option takes you SA International's page on Facebook.



This option brings you to TheSAiChannel on You Tube where you can find software tutorials and videos.



This option takes you to the SAi Store, where you can find clipart, fonts, ready-made signs, and more.

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