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Guides allow you to visually align design elements on your document.

To show or hide the guides, from the View menu, point to Show and select Show Guides.

See Also

Getting Started

Creating a Horizontal or Vertical Guide Line

Converting Objects to Guides

Creating a Diagonal Guide

Locking Guides

Selecting All Guides



Tool Tips

Design Area

SAi Cloud Window

SAi Cloud Mobile Application

Swatch Table

Ruler and Grid

Status Bar

Changing the View

Using Navigator View

Showing Objects' Fill

Previewing Bitmaps

Showing Preview

Linked and Embedded Files

Redrawing the Design Area

Previewing Objects in CMYK

Filtering Objects by Color

Tracking your Steps

Using Workspaces

Entering Numerical Values

Setting Preferences

Windows and Macintosh User Interface Features

Getting Help

Exiting the Software