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Preferences - Tools Tab

In this dialog box, you can set the default settings for some of the tools available in the software.

Check Spelling

Set options related to the on-screen spell checking features of the software. (See On-Screen Spell Checking for more information.)


These preferences allow you to specify the colorimeter used in your software to measure color values and the port where the measurement device is connected. (See Defining Colors Using the Color Specs Dialog Box and Modifying Existing Color Libraries for more information.)


These preferences allow you to specify if the copied objects will be automatically created when pasted and the offset distance from the original object. (See Duplicating Objects Using Copy and Paste for more information.)

RIP and Print

This tool allows you to specify that the software must communicate with Production Manager using TCP/IP (Windows Only).

Clear this box if the operating system is not Windows NT, 2000, or XP, or if the computer is running firewall software that might interfere with TCP/IP communications.

Select Tool

These preferences allow you to specify how the objects will be selected. (See Selecting Objects Using the Select Tool for more information.)


Show Fills

These preferences allow you to specify how the paths are displayed when the Show Fill option is off. (See Showing Objects' Fill for more information.)

Show Grid

Check Show grids as dots to display the grid using dotted lines instead of solid lines. (See Ruler and Grid for more information.)

Text Tool

Lets you select how the software will display font size and width, tracking, and word spacing, also whether Chinese language kits should be used. (See Text Preferences (Windows only) for more information.)

Tip of the Day

Displays a useful or helpful tip when you start the software.



Selects whether the zoom and pan tool will be used only once before returning to the previous tool. (See Zooming and Panning for more information.)


Restore Defaults

Click to restore the default settings for the above fields.

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