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Setting Dither Options for Angled Screens

The Angled Screens dialog displays the dither options that are available for angled screens.

To access the dialog, from the Printer tab of the Job Properties dialog, click Screen and select Angled screen as your dithering option.

The following options are available:

Remove Moiré

Click to recalculate angles and frequencies to remove Moiré patterns. This function recalculates the angles and frequencies of the CMY color channels based on the angle of the black color channel. All other color channels will remain unchanged.

Screen Angle and Frequency

Sets the screen angle and frequency for a color channel.

  1. Select a channel in the list and click Edit.
  2. Enter the angle and frequency desired and click OK.
  3. Check Apply to All to apply the new frequency to all color channels.


The shape of the dots that make up the halftone screen. For best results, choose either Diamond or Ellipse.


Cosine Dot








Double Dot




Inverted Double


Inverted Double Dot


Inverted Simple Dot




Line X


Line Y






Simple Dot



Use Accurate Screens

A special algorithm produces highly accurate halftones, but is computationally expensive.

Supercell Halftoning

Supercell halftoning produces halftones that have four times the shades of gray at the same resolution compared to standard algorithms. This creates smoother images when printing angled screens. However, the amount of processing needed to generate halftones is increased.

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