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Macintosh OS X.4 Client Setup

To create a print queue under OS X.4 that outputs to the shared network print queue on a PC running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO:

  1. Run the Printer Setup Utility found in the Utilities sub-folder of the Applications folder.

  2. Add a print queue using one of the following methods:
  3. Click More Printers.

  4. Select Windows Printing from the topmost pop-up menu.
  5. In the lower pop-up menu, select Network Neighborhood.
  6. Using the lower window, select the computer that is running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO and click Choose.

    If necessary, log in using the ID and password for that computer.

  7. Select the shared printer queue for the FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO output device setup.
  8. Set Printer Model to Other.

  9. Browse for the PPD under the shared SAi folder located on the computer that is running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO. By default, the PPD folder is installed in C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite\Jobs and Settings\PPD.

    If you can't find the PPD, set Printer Model to Generic. This should allow it to work at a basic level, but may prevent access to certain printer-specific features.

  10. Click Add.
  11. From the Printer Setup Utility menu, select Quit Printer Setup Utility.

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