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AppleTalk Printing

To create a print queue under OS X.3 that outputs to the shared network print queue via AppleTalk on a PC running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO:

  1. Run the Printer Setup Utility found in the Utilities sub-folder of the Applications folder.

  2. Add a print queue using one of the following methods:
  3. Select AppleTalk from the topmost pop-up menu.
  4. In the lower pop-up menu, select AppleTalk Network.
  5. Using the lower window, select the specific AppleTalk network zone where the computer that is running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO is located and click Choose.
  6. Select the shared printer queue for the FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO output device setup.

    If necessary, log in using the ID and password for that computer.

  7. Set Printer Model to Other.
  8. Browse for the PPD under the shared SAi folder located on the computer that is running FlexiPRINT SERVER-PRO. By default, the PPD folder is installed in C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite\Jobs and Settings\PPD.

    If you can't find the PPD, set Printer Model to Generic. This should allow it to work at a basic level, but may prevent access to certain printer-specific features.

  9. Click Add.
  10. From the Printer Setup Utility menu, select Quit Printer Setup Utility.

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