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Gerber File Format Supported Features

The following features of the Gerber file formats are supported:


Supported. Preview is shown in the Open and Import dialog boxes.




All objects are automatically grouped after import.


Supported. If the original bitmap is missing, you will be prompted to locate the file.


Text is usually imported as outlines, but in some cases they will be detected as text and you will be prompted for font substitution if there are any missing fonts.

Foil Color

Supported. Spot, Spectratone (Duotone), RGB and CMYK are all supported.

Vinyl Color

Supported, but if the job contains both vinyl and foil colors then the following message will appear:


Check Import vinyl data as contour cut and click OK to import vinyl color objects as contour cut paths. If the Import vinyl data as contour cut box is cleared, vinyl objects will be imported as standard vector objects.


Supported. Linear and radial gradient are supported for both spot and process.

Job print order

Supported. Choose Apply print order during import to use the job print order.

Overlap/ Overprint

Supported. Both import as overprint, but heat setting can be changed in driver options.



Substrate color

Supported. In order to see the substrate color use Open. It is skipped when using Import.

Stroke Color

Supported. If the fill and stroke have different primer/overprint or if the stroke is behind the fill then they will be imported as two objects, one with fill only, the other with stroke only.

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