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Setting the Display Settings

Most color files are calibrated for specific output devices. Files in RGB format are usually color corrected for display on specific monitors, and CMYK files are color corrected for output to a particular printer. Display Settings are used to convert these files to a neutral color space so that your software can later color correct for your output device using the output profiles.

The Display Settings tab in the Color Settings dialog box allows you to select the input profiles to use when importing color files. The input profiles should match the output devices (either a monitor or a printer) used in the creation of the files.

In the Color Settings dialog box, adjust the following parameters:


Lets you select the profile that matches your computer monitor.


Lets you select the printer that will be used to print your design. Check Soft proof preserves white point to emulate the white point of the output medium.


Lets you select the profile that will be used for output.

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