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Resampling a Bitmap

Resampling changes the resolution of an image without changing the area it covers. It does this by increasing or decreasing the number of pixels used to represent the image. At the same time, the software changes the resolution to compensate for the change in pixel count, so that the bitmap remains the same size.





Black and white bitmap resampled to a lower resolution

Resampling an image will degrade it to some extent. Resampling to a lower resolution makes the image blocky and jagged. Resampling to a higher resolution may blur the image. If you resample an image and don't like the results, use Undo to return it to its previous state. Do not resample it again.

  1. Select the bitmap.
  2. From the Bitmap menu, select Resample.

    The Adjust Bitmap Size dialog box appears.

  3. Adjust the values in Resample dialog box.

    Width, Height

    Sets the new resolution (in pixels) of the bitmap. The actual size (in inches or cm) will not be changed.


    Causes the bitmap to be resized proportionally.

    Nearest Neighbor

    Specifies the interpolation method. This option is the fastest, but the least precise.


    Specifies the interpolation method. Select this option for a quality interpolation.

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