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Using Pattern Fill Advanced Settings

When the Advanced button is clicked on the Fill/Stroke Editor - Fill tab for Pattern Fill, the Advanced Settings dialog box will be displayed.

To adjust a pattern's size, spacing, and positioning:

  1. Select Pattern Fill and click Advanced.
  2. Adjust the following parameters:

    Pattern name

    Changes the name of the pattern.

    Sets the background color.

    Specifies the width of each tile in the pattern.

    Specifies the height of each tile in the pattern.


    When checked, ensures that the pattern will be resized proportionally.

    Sets the spacing between pattern rows.

    Sets the spacing between pattern columns.


    Specifies the percentage of shift for each row and column in the pattern.

    First tile offset

    Specifies the amount of horizontal and vertical offset applied to the first tile in the pattern.

    Add to Swatch Table

    When checked, adds the edited pattern to the swatch table as a new pattern.

    Transform with Object

    When checked, proportionally resizes each tile in the pattern when the object is resized.

    Restore Defaults

    Restores the default settings for the selected pattern.

  3. Click OK to save your changes.

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