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Creating Swatch Tables

  1. From the View menu, point to Create Swatch and select Duotone, CMYK, or Current Palette.
  2. In DesignCentral, adjust the following parameters:

    Sets the size of each swatch cell.

    Set the size and position of the swatch labels.

    Duotone and CMYK labels appear above and to the left of the swatch table. Current Palette labels appear to the right.

    Only Duotone allows for the resizing of swatch labels.

    Sets the horizontal spacing between swatch cells.

    Sets the vertical spacing between swatch cells.

    Determines the number of swatches or sets of swatches per row.

    The number of Duotone swatches is determined by the number of Top colors and Base colors.

    Lets you select which swatch table to list the colors from.

    (Available for Current Palette only)

  3. Click Advanced to open the Advanced Settings dialog box and make any desired changes.

    Advanced Settings let you choose label fonts, set label height, and select the colors to include in the swatch table. (See the appropriate Advanced Settings topic for more information.)

  4. Click Apply.

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