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The Files option gives you at-a-glance information about the files you have stored in your account on the SAi Cloud. Files are stored (archived) on the SAi Cloud server using the Archive to Cloud option found in the File Menu and on the Standard Toolbar. To see what has been stored in your Cloud account, click the Files icon.

The archive opens in the Cloud Window on the right side of your SAi product screen. The Summary section presents an overview of your total file count, storage usage, and space availability. The Files section lists each of the files you currently have stored on the SAi Cloud. The files are listed in date order with the most recently archived file at the top of the list. Each entry in the Files list contains a thumbnail image of the file, its name, size (in kilobytes), and time of archival.

Note: A file having the same name as an existing archived file will not overwrite it. Instead, the new file will be stored as a more recent version of the existing one. This serves as a safeguard against inadvertent deletions and as a version control.

Additional options—Download and Delete This Filecan be accessed by clicking anywhere on a file's information. Any comments associated with the file will appear in the Comments section. And clicking Back To List will return you to the Summary page.

To refresh the contents of the Cloud Window, click the RefreshIconCloud icon or press F5.

Click the HomeIconCloud icon to return to the Cloud Window.

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