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Downloading and Installing Software

From the Getting Started section on the software details page:

  1. Under Step 1 – Download, select the desired download display language from the Language dropdown list.
  2. Click Download Now.

    Depending on your browser, you may need to click Save to save the file

  3. Browse your computer to the saved file location and press Enter or double-click to open.
  4. Click Run when asked, "Do you want to run this file?"

    The product download begins. (Download time depends on Internet speed.) When the download finishes, the Installer is extracted.

  5. Click Yes when asked, "Would you like to start the installation process now?"
  6. Choose the product installation language from the dropdown list and click OK.
  7. Click Next in the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard screen.
  8. Select I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement and click Next.
  9. Click Next to accept the default Destination Location folder.
  10. Click Next to accept the default Select Features.
  11. Click Next to create a Program Folder to hold the SAi Cloud icons.

    The Setup Status window appears, and the software installation process begins. When the installation completes, the Activation Code window appears.

  12. Enter your product Activation Code and click Next.
  13. Click Next when the Licensing Successful message appears.
  14. Click Finish in the InstallShield Wizard window.

    (This last window may be hidden behind other open windows.)

    A software license email is sent to you containing the Software ID of the product and the name of the computer it resides on.

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