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Checking for Over-saturation

When looking at the test print, you should check the print to see if the swatches are over-saturated. Symptoms include ink bleeding, color mixing and ink that takes an excessive amount of time to dry.

Ideal output

Over-saturated swatch

  1. For each color channel, do the following:
  2. Enter the resulting increments in the Ink Limit field.

    You can enter any number in between increments. For example, if 85% is too low and 90% is too high, you can enter 87%.

    If your test print looks fine, and the colors do not appear to be over-saturated, continue creating a profile.

    You may need to do one or more Ink Limit test prints to determine the appropriate percentages. Be careful not to over-limit the swatches. Over-limiting will reduce the number of viable points with which to produce a profile.

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