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Color Printing

  1. From the Apple menu, select Chooser. Highlight Adobe PS and select your printer.
  2. In Photoshop, from the File menu, select Page Setup:
    1. Select Page Attributes from the pop-up menu.
      1. Set Paper to your page size.
      2. For a custom page size:
        1. Set Paper to Custom.
        2. Select Custom Page Default from the pop-up menu.
        3. Enter a name for the page size in the Custom Page Name field.
        4. Select the units you want to use.
        5. Specify the Width and Height of the custom page.
        6. Click Add.
        7. Select Page Attribute from the pop-up menu.
        8. Select the defined custom page in the Paper field.
    2. Select Adobe Photoshop from the pop-up menu:
      1. Click Screen.
        1. Check Use Printer's Default Screens.
        2. Click OK to return to the Page Setup dialog.
    3. Click OK.
  3. From the File menu, select Print:
    1. Select General from the pop-up menu:
      1. Set Printer to the network print queue for your output device.
      2. Select the page range and number of copies you want to print.
    2. Select Adobe Photoshop from the pop-up menu:
      1. Set Encoding to Binary.
      2. Set Space to RGB if the file is an RGB file.
      3. Uncheck PostScript Color Management.
    3. Select Printer Specific Options from the pop-up menu:
      1. To print the file automatically, set After Spooling to Send.
      2. To verify the print mode and profile settings before printing the file, set After Spooling to Hold.
      3. To keep the output file in the queue on the server after printing, set After Output to Hold.
    4. Click Print to start printing.

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