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Spot Color Printing and Contour Cutting

To specify a spot color to use to output a design element, or to specify a contour cut:

  1. In Macromedia FreeHand, display the Color Mixer and Swatches panels:
    1. From the Windows menu, choose Panel then Color Mixer.
    2. From the Windows menu, choose Panel then Swatches.
  2. In the color mixer panel:
    1. Select the color values to use for the screen representation of the color. You can use the CMYK, RGB or HLS models or the Apple color chooser.
    2. Click Add to Swatches.
      1. Enter the name for the spot color.

        The name needs to be an exact match with the Spot Color List in order to work. For a contour cut path, use the color name CutContour.

      2. Select the Spot option.
      3. Click Add.
    3. To create an additional swatch containing a tint of the spot color:
      1. Select the Tint tab.
      2. Select a tint percentage. Use 100% to print the spot color with full coverage.
      3. Click Add to Swatches.

        The new swatch is automatically created as a spot color swatch and given a name based off the tint percentage and the original spot color name, like 10% Blue.

    4. Repeat for any additional colors.
  3. To assign these colors to an object:
    1. Select the object.
    2. Choose the Fill tab of the Object Inspector.
    3. Choose Basic and select the color you added from the menu.
  4. Send the job to print as you normally would. The server software interprets the special color names and can print them as spot colors or as a contour cut path.

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