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Color Printing

  1. In Adobe Illustrator, from the File menu, select Document Setup:
    1. From the pull-down menu, select Artboard:
      1. Choose a standard paper size in the Size field.
      2. To use a custom page size:
        1. Select Custom from the Size field.
        2. Select the desired Units.
        3. Enter the Width and Length for your custom page size.

          To avoid cutting off the image, enter the exact size of your media.

        4. Click OK.
  2. From the File menu, select Print.
    1. Set Name to the network print queue that corresponds to the desired output device.
    2. Set Copies to the number of copies you want to print.
    3. Click the Properties button.
    4. Select the Layout tab and click the Advanced button.
      1. Under Advanced Options:
        1. To print the file automatically, set After Spooling to Print.
        2. To verify the print mode and profile settings before printing the file, set After Spooling to Hold.
        3. To automatically start RIPing the file without printing it, set After Spooling to RIP.
        4. Click OK.
      2. Click OK.
      3. Click OK to start printing.

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