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Virtual Hybrid Output on a Cutter with Automatic Alignment

  1. Set up the job as described in Setting Up a Job for Contour Cutting.
  2. Add the job to the setup for the printer you want to use as the first part of the virtual hybrid.
  3. Open the Job Properties dialog and select the Workflow tab.
  4. Check the Send cut job box and select the cutter you want to use as the second half of the virtual hybrid.

    When you select the cutter in the Workflow tab, the default registration marks for that cutter are automatically added to the job.

  5. Click Send.

    Once the job RIPs and prints, the cut portion of the job automatically appears in the Hold Queue for the cutter setup.

  6. Remove the output media from the printer and load it into the cutter.
  7. Click the Send button in the main window toolbar.
  8. Align the cutting head over the first automatic registration mark (lower right if not marked) using the controls on the front panel of the cutter.
  9. Click OK to cut the contour.

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