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Using Custom Spot Color Mapping

Custom Spot Color Mapping allows you to map spot colors to exact output values for your specific output device. Mapped colors will always print out using the output values set in the Custom Spot Color Mapping module, overriding any other color management settings.

If you mapped a custom color but don't want to use that particular color mapping for a particular job, you can either turn off all custom spot color mapping or delete the color mapping for that particular color.

Each custom spot color mapping applies to a single color mode on a single output device. To map the same custom color to multiple color modes, you must make multiple custom spot color mappings - one for each color mode.

Custom spot color mapping only applies to jobs in a vector format such as EPS or PostScript. It does not affect bitmaps or JPEGs.

Custom spot color mapping only affects jobs that are added after the color mapping has been added. Jobs that are already queued are not affected.

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